2017 Runner Up: Minnesota’s Return to Community Initiative (RTCI)

Submitted by: Loren Colman and Krista Boston, MinnesotaHelp Network

By 2025, the cost of nursing home and continued care retirement facilities is projected to rise in the United States to $260 billion. Long-term residents account for the largest number of nursing home days and concomitant costs. Private paying residents face large out of pocket expense; for the government, these individuals present the risk of exhausting their assets and converting to Medicaid.

Minnesota’s Return to Community Initiative helps private pay nursing home residents return to the community early in their stays. Residents are identified for potential transition if they have resided in a nursing facility for at least 45 days, have a goal of returning to a community setting, and have a 70% or higher probability of being successful, based on their health and functional characteristics. The RTCI has assisted in the transition of 4,500 residents, 95% of whom received formally provided services upon discharge. The results are both higher quality of life and recognized savings for residents and the state alike. Estimated savings were $9.6 million over the first four years of the initiative.

Watch this clip for more information:

Compendium – Better Government Competition 2017 by Pioneer Institute on Scribd

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