2014 Winner: Increasing Productivity for Protective Services Agencies

BGC 2014 winner star_newcopyModernized tools are not readily available in the field of protective services social work. As a result, the industry suffers from repetitive and inefficient processes that ultimately impact the level of service provided to children, families and the elderly.

The need for a solution is clear and dire. Northwoods’ Compass® Pilot and Compass® CoPilot, desktop and mobile productivity applications, respectively, provide assistance to social workers responding to horrific forms of child and elder abuse. Compass® software utilizes cloud technology to bridge the gap between the office and the field, allowing social workers to increase the amount of quality time spent with families.

Serving as a convenient and all-inclusive portal for paperwork, notes, and photos, Compass software lightens the burden of excessive paperwork for social workers. By increasing overall productivity, the application allows for clients to receive a higher level of care and attention.

Protective services agencies that have implemented Compass software have already seen significant return. Aside from increased productivity, the application allows for a net time savings of 1 1/2 – 2 hours per day per social worker, and an overall improvement of caseload management. Organizations working closely with the child and adult protective services, such as the juvenile and mental health courts have caught on to Compass’ success and expressed interest in integrating the same solution into their workforce. Despite such tangible accomplishments, the program is not in the budget for most social services agencies, forcing them to stick with outdated and cost-ineffective methods of doing business.

By making a one-time investment in Compass Pilot and Compass CoPilot, social services agencies can increase their productivity and efficiency, ultimately saving time and money while improving overall quality of care.

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