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Virtual Therapy Environments: leveraging new technologies to treat wounded warriors

The policy proposal discussed in this article, from Dr. Charles Levy, was a finalist in Pioneer’s 2016 Better Government Competition. Over the last fifteen years, the U.S. has coordinated an enormous mobilization of U.S. military personnel to Iraq and Afghanistan—over 1.5 million members of the service have been deployed to these countries since 2001. As […]

2016 Special Recognition: Homeless Intervention Programming

The policy proposal discussed in this blog, from Drs. Dennis Culhane and Thomas Byrne, received Special Recognition in Pioneer’s 2016 Better Government Competition. The popular image of homelessness in our country is an older man, saddled with bags, begging for change on a city street. He has been there for months or years, and perhaps suffers from […]

2016 Winner: North Carolina Mobile Medication Program

A pilot project that provides home visiting support to help ensure continuity of care for adults with severe psychiatric illness. The program focuses on low-income participants who have been prescribed psychiatric medications, and have a history of hospitalization or repeated emergency room visits.