Announcing Pioneer Institute’s 2017 Better Government Competition Topic: “Aging in America”

Each year, the Competition focuses on one of the country’s biggest challenges. For 2017, Pioneer Institute seeks novel ideas to establish effective care and sustainable support systems for the elderly, and to better leverage the social capital of our aging population. We aim to identify and promote those ideas which can ensure a better future for aging citizens in Massachusetts, and the country, through programs for housing, health care and public health as well as unique partnerships between government agencies and care providers. You could win $10,000 for your idea!

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VIDEO: Introducing the 2017 Better Government Competition

Entry Deadline: Papers of up to five (5) pages due by Monday, March 20th March 31st  at 4:00 PM ET. (The deadline has been extended.)

Submit an idea paper of five or fewer pages describing the problem you’re addressing and your solution. The “idea” can be a new concept or a recently implemented program that shows promising results. Be sure to touch briefly on the following elements:

• A description, with relevant background, of the problem to be addressed.

• An explanation of the proposed solution and how it will change current practice. If appropriate, cite examples of similar approaches that are currently in place. If possible, discuss the costs and benefits of your approach compared to current practice, potential obstacles to implementation and the potential for replication in Massachusetts. Please note: Legal obstacles or the need for new legislation should not be considered barriers to entry. Also, we may seek further information regarding your proposal.

Two Ways to Submit: (include your paper as an attachment) – Enter here (upload your paper)


• Identifying unique channels to facilitate older adults’ continued engagement in the workforce, while leveraging the skills and talent of our aging citizens for public good.
• Developing unique approaches to housing, residential living and transportation through Aging in Place options, cooperative communities and creative ideas to improve mobility for older individuals so they may continue to live healthfully and independently in their homes and communities.
• Introducing more effective options for households that provide custodial care and assistance to older family members through better determination of family caregiver needs and new approaches to reimbursement, workforce tax credits and other channels of support.
• Reinventing treatment to better meet the complex needs of aging populations and developing practical approaches to training future geriatric clinicians and other medical professionals that serve the elderly.
• Improving access to health systems available to older patients through ‘no wrong door’ approaches, augmenting care coordination efforts.
• Leveraging new technologies such as telemedicine platforms and digital communications tools to improve care delivery, home security and health tracking, and facilitate social connections among geographically or otherwise isolated elderly individuals.
• Ensuring the future viability of retirement systems, including establishing more sustainable funding practices at public pension plans and adopting more prudent policy to ensure the financial security of retirees.
• Other ideas? The ideas outlined above are illustrative, and meant to stimulate your thinking, but not exhaustive. Feel free to focus attention on your own idea to ensure a better future for our aging citizens.

Shawni Littlehale
Director, Better Government Competition
Pioneer Institute 185 Devonshire Street, 11th Floor, Boston, MA 02110
617-723-2277 ext. 207

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