2015 Winner: Reducing Recidivism through Education

Learn about the unique education model of the Five Keys Charter School, which provides full-time education to adult inmates and is independently designed and operated by the San Francisco Sheriff's Department,. The program includes community college dual-enrollment programs, vocational training and training in restorative justice. The proven model reverses the 'school to prison pipeline' and reduces recidivism by implementing alternative discipline methods and structuring content that meets the complex learning needs of incarcerated students.

2015 Runner Up: Paying for Success in Community Corrections

Read about this original approach to community corrections that directly builds the performance goal of recidivism reduction into contracts with privately operated halfway houses, providing financial incentives for recidivism reduction and penalties for increases in recidivism. The use of contractual recidivism performance targets helps to reduce recidivism by making community corrections facilities more accountable for public safety outcomes.

2015 Special Recognition: A Multi-Agency Approach to Re-purpose Correctional Facilities

Find out how Massachusetts can A repurpose its corrections facilities to accommodate an expansion of reentry programming and maximize utilization of DOC resources.