2017 Special Recognition: nesterly

Submitted by: Rachel Goor and Noelle Marcus

On any given night, more than 50 million bedrooms sit empty across the country. Many of these spare rooms belong to those aged 55+ who hope to stay in their homes and communities, but struggle with social isolation, daily maintenance, and declining incomes. At the same time, millions struggle to afford high rents.

nesterly is a social enterprise focused on alleviating housing insecurity through an online marketplace that connects households with extra rooms to those seeking affordable rents. Guests will pay more affordable rent by helping around the house, and elderly homeowners will gain economic stability, security, social connection, and support to stay in their homes as they age.

The shortage of affordable housing, the pressure on the local housing market from growing student populations, and a rapidly aging senior population are all critical challenges that nesterly will help communities face.

Compendium – Better Government Competition 2017 by Pioneer Institute on Scribd

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