Job Creation on a Budget: How Regional Industry Clusters Can Spur Job Growth, Entrepreneurship, & Innovation

Mark Muro and Kenan Fikri, Metropolitan Policy Program, Brookings Institution

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States need to reignite innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation in their metropolitan and rural areas in order to get back on the road to prosperity. Supporting regional industry or innovation clusters—geographic concentrations of interconnected firms and supporting organizations—stands out as one low-cost means of achieving that goal.

This proposal recommendations concrete actions which Governors’ can take to link, leverage and align existing offerings with the cluster framework, including: prioritizing collaborative applications across departments when awarding competitive grants; setting program objectives to focus on those which affect skills, tech transfer, venture capital, or land use; creating a small, cross-agency pool of funds for cross-cutting; and other regional and local efforts to transform their economies.

Better Government Competition 2013 Compendium of Winning Entries

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