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Charlotte’s BIC Olympiad: Driving Innovations in Municipal Government

The many departments within any given municipal government share the common goal of making their city a better place to live. Unfortunately, it is all too common for each department to be so busy pursing that goal internally that they ignore a major resource available to them: their fellow agencies. The phenomenon of city departments […]

The Promise of Big Data for the Public Sector

In recent years, consumers have developed a new reflex. Accepting “terms and agreements” for any sort of application, software, or website has become so instinctive that few stop to question their purpose. If one were to read the lengthy legal contract that stands between the user and his or her destination, they would understand that […]

Advancing STEM Through Real-Time Support in Small School Districts

For many years, standardized test results have painted a disheartening picture of American schools. While the US spends more per pupil than most developed countries, the nation’s test scores fall below international averages for developed countries in math and science. American students are consistently outperformed by their counterparts in Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and the […]