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2016 Runner Up: Psychosis Identification and Early Referral (PIER) Program

An early detection, intervention and prevention model for at-risk youth that identifies and mitigates symptoms of psychosis through community outreach, assessment, and treatment.
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Helping Those with Mental Illness Find Treatment, Not Incarceration

Prisons and jails have become our country's de facto mental health institutions. Our criminal justice system has become a revolving door for vulnerable people who need treatment but instead face imprisonment and conditions that exacerbate their afflictions. Learn about some promising reform initiatives - and submit your own idea!
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Helping Children Impacted by Mental Illness

Mental illness, the theme of our 2016 Better Government Competition,…
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2015 Runner Up: The Returning Home Ohio Pilot Project

Learn about a program that combines affordable, permanent housing with a range of supportive services that help vulnerable populations with the complex challenges of homelessness and incarceration. The pilot provides housing and services critical to the maintenance of recovery and stable living for those who cycle through institutional and emergency systems and are at risk of long term homelessness, and those persons with a serious mental illness and dual disorders.