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Encore Boston Network Plans to Mobilize Older Adults to Support Critical Government Services

Childhood and late adulthood are associated with vastly different but equally pressing needs that policymakers have been grappling with for decades. Children are vulnerable to abuse and neglect at the hands of others and older adults can easily become subject to the compounding issues of failing health and isolation. The Encore Boston Network, a coalition […]

Simple Cognitive Tests Lead to Earlier Detection and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a leading cause of death for older adults in America and one of the principal causes of decline in quality of life for seniors living with the cognitive illness. The National Institute on Aging estimates that over 5 million Americans are living with AD and that number is expected to triple […]

Ride-Hail Companies Supplement the MBTA RIDE Program

One of the most pervasive concerns facing our aging population is decreased mobility. Inadequate transportation can affect seniors in urban and rural settings alike, and the inability to get around easily makes independent living extremely difficult for older residents of cities in particular. Often unable to drive or take traditional forms of public transit, securing […]

Right Care, Right Place, Right Time: An Effective model for Integrating Senior Care and Housing

The average age of Bostonians is getting higher by the year, and so are the costs of housing and healthcare. According to the 2014 Aging in Boston report, even seniors with incomes well above the poverty line face a financial burden due to the high cost of living in the area. More often than not, […]